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Mini Bands Odds & Ends!

This 35-minute video targets the end-of-the-week leftover workouts that target weight training and endurance!

Awesome Wheelchair Workout idea- Leo at the Beach!

Here is a great idea you can do if you have a slight incline somewhere safe to push a wheelchair.

Cordless Jump Ropes for Quadriplegics – Different CARDIO Exercises to do while watching TV!

Grab a pair of these super inexpensive split jump ropes (cordless jump ropes) and you've got yourself a great way to do some seated cardio exercise while watching some Netflix! comment if we should make some with an adaptive strap.

Core-strength & Abs Workout for Paraplegics (Improve your balance!)

Up your mobility game by following Leo in this awesome workout that will help improve whatever core you do have.

Breathing Exercises with Bentli!

Join Bentli with these breathing exercises to start your day.

Reset your Adrenal Glands!

Join Bentli in this meditation to help you how to learn to balance your emotions and your body.

How to put on Wrist Weights w/ Tinodesis (C6 SCI quad) + 4 Simple Exercises!

Shawn shows how he gets his wrist weights on and demonstrates a few great wheelchair exercises for quadriplegics.

SCI Quadriplegic Stretching in bed Independently – Instructional Stretching Routine!

Join Racheal in bed (haha yeah you heard us), for this 25-minute instructional full-body stretching video for spinal cord injury quadriplegics.

Weighted Bar Workout for Quads and Paras!

Awesome strength training workout with unique exercises for wheelchair users- simply using a PVC pipe & wrist weights (broomstick works fine).

Quad Transfer Strength! Strengthen the Muscles Needed to Transfer.

Join Racheal for 30 minutes of strength training (using wrist weights) targeting muscles needed to transfer for quadriplegics and paraplegics, including rows, shrugs, and wheelchair Burpees!

Mostly Cardio – Wrist Weights / Light Dumbbells (Chest Exercise Warm-up)!

A few minutes of chest exercises for quads and high-level SCI paras followed by mostly cardio, great for anyone in a wheelchair!

Big Beautiful Bulging Biceps by this Beauty (+Cardio to Stay Trim!)

30 minutes focusing on different bicep exercises and some cardio to do in your wheelchair.

Light Weight Seated Cardio / HIIT with Racheal!

15 minutes of cardio using some light weights or nothing at all for anyone in a wheelchair, whether you're quadriplegic, paraplegic, or just want a workout sitting down.

Mini-bands Circuit Workout (or Therabands) for Quads and Paras!

Killer circuit for paraplegics and quadriplegics (and still great for Zuk seniors!) you can do with just a single mini band!

Seated Cardio Boxing for Quads and Paras!

Awesome sweat- inducing, seated cardio boxing workout for ANYONE! Grab your West weights, dumbbells, water bottles, or nothing at all and join us to get your heart pumping and shoulders burning.

H.I.I.T. workout for quads and paras! (seated CARDIO for wheelchair users)

20 minute H.I.I.T. workout for quadriplegics (or paraplegics) or anyone looking for a seated workout (wheelchair exercise). H.I.I.T. = High Intensity Interval Training.

Wheelchair core workout using your chair! (+everyday stretch routine)

The perfect every day stretch and warm up (core exercise). Don't miss this one.

Wheelchair Workouts: Strength Building w/ Racheal

Introducing our new remote instructor Racheal! You would get your heart rate up while moving through this nonstop 15 minutes of strength building.

10 Minute Chest routine on the floor (plus stretching warm-up)

10 minute just routine you can do on the floor. Just need dumbbells. Include stretching and a chair to floor transfer.

Take your Push-Up Game to the Next Level! (Push-ups 101 taught by a Paraplegic)

Learn how to target different muscle groups while push-ups, along with all other basics, in this quick tutorial. Taught by a SCI paraplegic fitness instructor (and Pro wheelchair bodybuilder).

Racheal FB Live Free Workout

Follow Racheal (tough as nails) in her first FB live workout
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15 Minute Shoulder Workout for Wheelchair Users

15 minute shoulder strength workout for quads (and paras) Equipment: wrist weights (optional)
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Stretching Warm-Up for Paras

Great warm-up routine to get out of your chair and get loosened up with this stretching routine. Quick and easy with important details explained. No equipment needed.
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Functional Strength w/ Shawn

Equipment: dumbbells (or water bottles/ wrist weights), duffel bag or backpack with weight in it This is a great work out to build strength as useful for daily activities like grabbing stuff off the floor or using your tinodesis to grab things. Please leave comments or feedback and feel free to message us about how … Functional Strength w/ Shawn Read More »

Abs & Shoulders Workout!

20 min workout using a chair (or even a backpack/ duffel bag with some stuff in it), resistance band, and dumbbells. Join Leo (T6 complete spinal cord injury) as he goes through a core, shoulder, posterior delts/back workout for wheelchair users /paraplegics. Includes wheelchair Burpee's, cross body resistance band pull, and a fun functional workout to strengthen your daily living.

Sound Bath Meditation!

Awesome introduction to sound bath meditation if you have never done one, it's amazing!

Shoulder Strength Workout!

Join Shawn in this intense shoulder workout using wrist weights/light dumbbells great for quads!

Everyday Shoulder Warm-Up & Stretching Routine for Wheelchair Users (or anybody)

Shawn guides us through his favorite warm-ups and stretches for wheelchair users. Great to do before & after workouts

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