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We’re on a mission to make fitness accessible to everyone!
We make high-quality workouts, so anyone with a mobility impairment has access to premium workouts- right at home.

Virtual workouts, designed just for you, by people like you.

Our workouts...

are tailored specifically for your disability, led by fitness gurus who share the same mobility impairment that you do and design their workouts accordingly.

We promote independence.

Our instructors always encourage tips and tricks that help nurture independence. Plus, getting stronger will always help with Independence, like doing a new transfer 

We thrive through the support of our community.

As a wheelchair user, there has always been something really special between members of the community. It’s something that can’t be described with words. We found that community is one of the biggest motivators, so that’s why we made it a focus.

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Workouts for you, instructed by people like you.

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For the next 30 days, we are challenging everyone, especially those with mobility impairment, to start a 30 day workout streak. Just get moving and get your heart rate up everyday! We want you to document your journey on Instagram and Facebook to encourage others. Take a picture at the end of each week, and tell us how you feel! Use our hashtag #ZukFitness

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We know that staying active with a mobility impairment is difficult. Our community is truly unique, bringing together all sorts of hard-charging people like you to rise above their circumstances and grow together.

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Our only goal is to improve YOUR quality of life. Try a few workouts and give us your feedback! We’re always looking for ways to improve. New workouts added weekly. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

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Our only goal is to empower the mobility-impaired community we are a part of. We'd love to hear from you to see how we can help. If you have ideas, criticisms, or a great article we should see, let us know!


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