Designed just for you.

We know it can be frustrating trying to find a workout that is tailored to your limitations because there’s really not much out there, until now! Our workouts are led by expert instructors who understand your limitations firsthand- whether you’re a paraplegic or quadriplegic- and personally lead you through the best possible workout, while giving options for any ability level throughout.


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New workouts added weekly to our ever-growing on-demand workout library so you can get your heart pumpin’ anywhere, anytime.  Currently our workouts are serving people with SCI’s, MS, & CP, and elderly, but soon we hope to have specific instructors for each category.

Workouts by Disability

Currently our workout videos can be filtered by paraplegic, quadriplegic, free, meditation and DIY tutorials. Eventually, as we grow, we will add sorting by disability type and by disability-specific ratings.

The value in staying active

Exercise is important for everyone, but is VITAL when you’re sitting in a wheelchair all day…

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Rize Workout Collection

Workout 1

Shawn Fluke leads a 25-minute wrist-weight workout


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