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Meditation and Alternate Realities

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    Sometimes it's not about what you can't do but it's about what you can do. My name is Alex P Plasky and I am a C 4-5 quadriplegic. I became a quadriplegic by having a horse accident when I was 16. A lot like what happened to Christopher Reeves. Even before my accident I looked at life differently than others because of the different scenarios I had to adapt to as a child. My first memory was being homeless. Then at the age of seven we were taken away from social services for: lice, malnourishment, ECT. It took 2 years for our biological dad to win us back to only die of cancer one year later. Then I went through two more homes after that to only have a spinal cord injury. Regardless of all the circumstances I knew that I had a choice. A choice to be happy or a choice to be mad, sad, pissed off at the world or myself. I knew that regardless which route I would take I still would be paralyzed. So why would I mentally limit myself too. 


    My earlier years of paralysis I did have the desire of walking again. Maybe you do too. I knew that the traditional routes are so limiting and currently there isn’t a way of reversing paralysis. I had to think outside of the box if I wanted to walk again. Back when I was a child I remember there was this practice I used to do. Which is called Lucid Dreaming and it is where you’re in a different state of being. Where you can go beyond the limits of this physical reality.


    Lucid dreaming has been scientifically proven in the last 20 years and it’s an art where you tap into your dream state. Just like you are physically aware right now. You are just as aware when you become lucid in your dreams. There’s not a matter of if you are doing it but when you will do it. It's a phenomenal experience. It made it possible for me to walk again, feel again and do things out of this world like: fly, talk to passed relatives, speak to my higher self, ECT. 


    Now that you know the what. I want to teach you the how. First you need to remember your dreams because you maybe already doing it but you aren’t aware that you’re doing it. All of us dream but some of us just don’t remember. In a little over two years I was able to record more than 800 dreams and with that dream recall I was able to do things that he couldn’t in this physical reality.


    There are many different techniques to achieve this state and it’s important to know that some of them will work better and worse for different individuals. Don’t get discouraged because once you find what works for you it will work. Today I’m simply going to teach you a basic routine. One that should work for the majority but before I do know this. Just like anything that you want in life. It only comes to the ones that put in the effort to achieve it. This is no different. With that being said. Just hearing the idea of lucid dreaming can trigger one in the next 2 to 10 days because now it’s in your subconscious and you’re thinking about it. This is called awareness and awareness is the key to many things in life. Especially meditational practices like this. 


    The technique is simple. I want you to become aware of your hand. I want you to study it and bring it into your awareness. Every time you look at your hand I want you to say and think out loud. Am I dreaming? But don’t just say and think it. Really think about it. Really question if you are in a dream or if you are in waking reality. This is because we want to create a shift in our awareness. We want to question life. Question our reality. This is because when we’re in the dream state we don’t question our reality. We go along our dream with all of these weird and strange things happening. Not even questioning it once. Why am I seeing a dragon in my bedroom or why am I walking right now when I know I physically can’t. So now that we look at our hand and we question our reality. Which we should be doing at least twice an hour. That will become a habit and that habit will happen in our dreams. We will be going along our dreams like normal and then randomly glance at our hand and boom lucidity!


    This is a great technique that is used by most beginners and even advanced lucid dreamer‘s. I remember one of my first lucid dreams and finally being able to walk and feel again. It was an indescribable feeling. After a while I wanted to do different things in my dreams but for the ones that want to achieve it for this. This will change your life. Just remember once you become Lucid don’t freak out. Sometimes when you’re lucid you're over excited and you’ll wake yourself up and that would be counterproductive. 


    If you have any other questions please reach out to me. I even have an in-depth course teaching more beginning techniques and advance to expert. I’ve been doing this for over a decade and suggest even looking on YouTube for other tutorials.




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