Forum Posting Guidelines

When posting, please include your function or injury level if it’s relevant and will help the reader. Please be extremely open-minded to who your readers might be. Some of the readers may have more or less function than you so keep that in mind. Keep in mind your tone and try to embrace what positive things came out of whatever it was that you learned, experienced, or figured out. We do not allow negativity here at Zuk. We could all complain all day about all kinds of things, and rightfully so, but it does not help anyone and is not fun to be around, so we are focused on improving our lives and embracing a positive attitude.

Remember when you learned something that made your life easier, or picked up a good habit that greatly improved your quality of life – remember that feeling, whether you created it yourself or you took someone’s advice. Let’s pay it forward by helping out our fellow mobility-impaired community. Let’s make this place a “Good-Karma-Hotspot” and just make the world a better place for us/those that got dealt a very unfair hand.


Dillon and the Zuk Team


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