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Fitness instructor answers life questions


We had a fun Live Q & A! with our instructor Racheal on Instagram. We got to know more about her, her journey, and how she has a healthy and positive lifestyle.

When did you start your fitness journey? – 2013 cardio & light weight training & completely changed the game!

How long did it take you to see results? – with consistent working out and training results were weight loss and muscle gain and I started noticing results about 1 month in. Important to stay active!

What’s your favorite lifestyle habit?– Drinking a lot of water! At least a half a gallon per day and try to stay on top of that. Including healthy eating habits!

C O N S I S T E N C Y is the biggest key!

I try to do 80/20 (80% eating healthy and 20% treating myself!)

I am post 39 years injury but I want to try working-out again, what do you recommend for a C5 Incomplete Quadriplegic?

Join Zuk Fitness it’s great because all the instructors have spinal cord injuries.

I recommend 4 days cardio & 5 days weight training and I know it seems a lot, but you break it up into different muscle groups on certain days so that you’re not working on the same muscle group continually.

Treating yourself, that’s interesting? – You’ve got to treat yourself! Don’t cut everything out 100% or you will end up failing! When I have tried to do that it felt like it was hardcore, I ended up binging on horrible food and ended up feeling terrible, so I allowed myself a few treats a couple times a week and it keeps me on track!

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The reason why I always tell people to start weight training is that your muscles get little micro tears in them and that’s normal and it takes a couple days to heal and  build more muscle, while you’re doing that you are still burning calories. Cardio is still necessary for weight loss. 

Healthy Habits – Even on rest days like Saturdays and Sundays when I’m not filming for Zuk Fitness, I try to stay active and moving! 

I try to get my sugar from Honey and Fruit! 

Do you prefer stretch cords or weights? – Honestly, I prefer weight because being a C6 incomplete I have no tricep and hand function so it is hard for me to control the movement so I prefer cable weights and free weights for more CONTROLLED movements focusing on each rep! 

If you’re trying to reduce your “quad-belly” – I eat several small meals a day and try to stay away from heavy carbs like pastas, breads, rice and potatoes. I still have some carbs, but I like to opt for things like a carb smart bread and oatmeal before training. 

What’s your go to exercise for biceps? – Not my favorite but is the one muscle that I workout twice a week and my go to is wrist weights and I double them up. 

I do Bicep curls into a slight shoulder press and hold it for 5 seconds! 

Are you able to transfer on your own? – Yes, with a slide board, although my goal is to lift my booty onto the bed! 

When do you get your new chair? Im getting measured in the next few weeks and then around 2 – 3/4 months time!

My new favorite workout to do – Going out onto the grass and pushing myself in my chair, this really gives me a killer workout! 

What’s your next tattoo? – Im finishing my sleeve soon! I Love tattoos! 

Mom says – no face, neck and hand tattoos! 

Fun Fact! – On paper when I left the hospital, I’m actually a C4 complete, which means I should have less movement but I have been lucky to have gained some movement and now function like a C6 incomplete, it’s important to remember it is different for everyone with a spinal cord injury, so what I am saying is, don’t always rely on what the doctors say because they said that I would be lucky if I could move my wrists and that I would not be able to push my own chair and look at me today! 

How were you injured? – I was injured in California riding on the dunes and we tilted up on a razor back dune and dropped 55 feet! Bracing for the impact and wiplash, my C4 vertebrae completely exploded, there was nothing left of it and I injured  5, 6 and 7 and T level injuries that I only found out about a year ago and that explains why I have so much pain in my back. 

I try to stay away from alcohol, I had a sip of something and I was already tipsy! Plus it has a lot of carbs and I do not drink my calories!  

My favorite cheat meal is ice cream! And French fries are also one of my favourites! 

In summer I drink cold tea with lemon and no sugar. 

Another tip, if you’re trying to get your calories into a deficit Coffee will curb your appetite and if you are continually hungry even after eating a meal try drinking water before eating because you might be thirsty, try it – you’ll be surprised. 

Thanks for joining! And feel free to message @zukfitness directly or DM @tough_as_nails2112 

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